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Angelina Sutcliff
Angelina Sutcliff
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Alastor Sutcliff (Father; Deceased)

Laura Sutcliff (Mother)

Status Alive
Eye Color Pale-Green
Hair Color Blood-Red, Extremely Long
Height 6'1 inch.
Affiliation PIB
Weapons A silver-edged scythe with a red handle.
Class Mystics
Home London

Angelina Sutcliff

Angelina Sutcliff - Mystic
-One Blood-Red Mystic

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Black or Red? Bet, don't be Afraid. In other words, Tonight, Love or Die?


Angelina was born to Alastor and Laura Sutcliff on the outskirts of London. On her mother's side was a family line of Witches, while her father was only a mortal. At a young age, around 5 or 6, her parents divorced and Angelina was forced to stay with her mother. During this time, she was trained by her in the use of her powers properly. Once she became of age, around 18 or so, Angelina left her mother, only to come across her father months later. He persuaded her to come with him, but she refused. Soon after-later that night-her father had been murdered by a Vampire, and Angelina immidiatley returned to her mother for another year before leaving once more and staying on her own, until she finally was brought to the PIB.


Angelina is a very flamboyant, clumsy, yet naive girl, however she can be rather hot-headed and impulsive at times. She always has a string of confidence for herself, rarely being self-centered.

Weapon (s)Edit

Silver-Edged Scythe with Red HandleEdit

Angelina with scythe

(OOC: Yes, it does have the apperence of a chainsaw, however it is called a scythe)


Basic Mystic Abilities

  • Can create and control magical artifacts.
  • Is capable of tethering magical artifacts to certain individuals, also used to defend themselves.
  • Can creating artifacts for money or contracts.


  • Despite being British, she can speak perfect Japanese.
  • Her Scythe has the apperence of a chainsaw.


Name Relation Feelings
Laura Sutcliff Mother On/off, cares for her in a way, however will not ever stand seeing her harmed.
Alastor Sutcliff Father (Deceased) Regretful on how she has refused to stay with him
.... Boyfriend Soon to come

Close Friend

Soon to come