This character is a Witch.

Eliza Darling
What do you want?
Princess of Witchcraft
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Adam Darling:Father

Emily Darling:Mother

Status Alive,single
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Black
Height Unknown
Affiliation PIB

Her family

Weapons None
Class Witch
Home Unknown(she hides often,as she is sometimes hunted down)


Eliza is a calm,kind person.She is quite,however,is fistey and will defend her family.She has small anger issues,due to the fact she was ignored and beaten as a child.


Eliza has black hair,and fair skin.She likes to were victorian clothes,and vintige looks.She wants to dye her hair brown.


I came from a large family,and i hated it.I couldn't do anything i wanted,nore even talk to my parents.And when dad ran away it didnt help,as you would imagine.I,being the oldest child,had to help my mother with my siblings.At night,i would study books about myths from all around the world. I wanted to scream at everyone truthfully,but i kept it in,and the books somehow helped me.I was nine then,really,i was.And when i was 10,i realised i was different.At sixteen,i realised that my mother new what i was.But she never said anything.On my 19 birthday,i was recruited by the PBI.


Witch powers,her special power is control of the elements fire,electricity and water


Her amulet,which turns forms a sheild when she needs it.


Her Amulet


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