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Lexi Macgyver
none at the moment
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Ata Massri (biological Mother).

Don Massri (biological Father)

Dana Macgyver (Adopted mother)

James Macgyver (Adopted Father)

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown eyes
Hair Color Black Hair
Height 5.8 inch.
Affiliation PIB
Weapons Fiery Sword
Class Witches
Home San Diego California


Lexi is an adventures, imaginative, assertive, and confident. She is definitely known for her fiery temper. If crossed she will definitely show her enemies who is boss. To her friends she is loyal, charming, and a person who they can depend on. Most of all she is brilliant young woman, who is enjoys science, and engineering.


Before Lexi was born her parents who had trouble conseiving, decided to try alternative mean of creating a baby and eventualy suceeding through Artificial Insemniation. Both of her parents in the past were apart of Paranormal Investigation before retiring. A few week after her biological dad was ran over by a car, that did kill him instantly. When she was born her mom died during childbirth. She was then adopted by couple who were scientists. By the time she was older when her power over fire manifested, her adopted parents they considering her a pryomanic, and schizophrenivc. Expecially when she told them about her ability, they still thought she was insane. For this reason they send her to an insane asylum, where she was abused and beaten. Recently she was rescued by the PIB. Before the rescue she befreind three other witches like her, and learned a few spells.


1) Firey Sword

Firey Sword

Lexi's Sword



2} Witches can cast spells

3}They can brew potions

4} They have an innate ability to track and find the paranormal.


1}Witches use focus objects. When in combat, they also use enchanted melee weapons.


Name Relation Feelings
Ata Massri Biological mother Doesn't know about her yet. SInce her adopted parents didn' t tell her that she is adopted.
Don Massri Biological Father Doesn't know about him yet. Since her adopted parents didn't tell her that she is adopted.
Dana Macgyver Adopted Mother She is angry with Dana at the moment considering she placed Lexi was insane. When in reality Lexi wasn't.
James Macgyver

Adopted Father

He is angry at James for the same reason, she is aangry at Dana.

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