East Los Angeles (also known as the Eastside) is the portion of the City of Los Angeles that lies east of Downtown Los Angeles, the Los Angeles River and the unincorporated areas of Lincoln Heights, west of the San Gabriel Valley, East Los Angeles and City Terrace, south of Cypress Park, and north of Vernon, California and the City of Commerce. The short form for the region, "East L.A.," is an imprecise term which can have different meanings depending on usage and context. As a geographical term, it can refer to either the region described here or the unincorporated community of East Los Angeles. As a cultural term, "East L.A." has developed to refer to the predominantly Hispanic of Mexican descent communities lying east of the City of Los Angeles, centered around the unincorporated area of East Los Angeles and City Terrace and the Los Angeles district of Boyle Heights. To distinguish this area from the broader eastern area of the City of Los Angeles, a collection of neighborhoods and communities lying within Los Angeles city boundaries, and to emphasize the differences in character between the two areas, locals have come to use the term "Eastside" (on the example of "the Westside") for the area within the city boundaries. Northeast Los Angeles is an area of the city of Los Angeles, northeast of Downtown Los Angeles, east of the Los Angeles River, bounded on the north by the cities of Glendale and Pasadena, and bounded on the east by several cities of the San Gabriel Valley. The area is home to Occidental College located in Eagle Rock.