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Martin Easton
Nature elemental
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Deceased (Mysterious Circumstances)
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blond
Height 6'3"
Affiliation PIB
Weapons powers, gun, enchanted dagger
Class Contractor
Home Los Angeles (currently)

Connecticut (formerly)


Martin is a very fun loving guy who is usually the life of the party. He is the epitome of the term hedonistic and will do anything for a good time. He can usually tell when it is time to be serious, but isn't anyways. Underneath however Martin is an incredibly calculating person, willing to do whatever ruthless thing to get his way. This side of him rarely shows however as he can usually be subtle. Martin thinks of himself as pansexual and will hit on anything he finds interesting in the moment. This has led to many hungover mornings and regrets.


Martin grew up the son of two successful bankers who largely avoided Martin. he was raised by a Haitian nanny who instilled with him a deep sense of the supernatural. When he was twelve Martin was sent off to boarding school in Connecticut, around ten miles away from Salem. He became obsessed with the "other world" as he called it. When he was fresh out of school he drew up his first contract, and soon began exploring the spirit world with relative ease. He was recruited by the PIB at the age of 19, after working there for a year though he decided to go into business for himself. He now owns, runs, and tends bar at Enigma. As it is the hub of the supernatural underground Martin often finds himself spying for the PIB in return for them ignoring some of the more harmless, yet illegal aspects of the club. Recently Martin found himself in a position to become one of the premier power brokers in the city by becoming a front for The Syndicate. He has a Syndicate safehouse in his bar, and in return is allowed to be Manhattan's main information dealer.


  • Contract One: power over plants. This means that martin can control the speed and movement of all plants surrounding him. He usually carries a variety of seeds in his pocket at all times just in case.
  • Contract Two: Power over water. can control and breathe underwater, can form water into a weapon if neccesary. Cannot create water out of thin air, although he usually has a water bottle with him.
  • Contract Three: Ability to talk to animals. Can speak with any animals he comes across. As animals are more in touch with the supernatural this can be invaluable while investigating.

For his contracts he sold the souls of his parents and owes a debt to each of the three spirits he made the contract with.


Martin has several talismans that he keeps on him at all times. One for protection from fire, one for sensing violent intent, and one for spell detection

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