Nicole Collins
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Parents Where abouts Unkown
Status Alive
Eye Color Golden Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5"7
Affiliation PIB
Weapons Pyrokenisis
Class Contractor
Home PIB


My parents were occultist, well more like fanatics. They poured over old texts, read books, told me of all the wonderful powers and beings that exists. And how we were human. It never was fair to me, our lack of power, our fragility as humans. Since I was little all I wanted to do was be like them, to be powerful, to be something more than just another occultist. Thats when I ran into a certian daemon. I made him a promise, I'd give up my heart, just to have one of the powers that they possessed. Which is what he did. He took my heart, and in return placed a bit of his powers in place of where my heart was. Cliche right? Since the power he placed was only a small amount, I was given the ability of Pryokensis


She is rather defensive when it comes to her past and hates it when people bring up the fact that her powers aren't technically her's since she bought them. If you don;t mention them she's usually not to horrible of a person to be around. She has a sarcastic streak, but if you befriend her, you've got a friend for life.


Any part of my body can sponatenously burst into flames, and I have the ability to manipulate them at will

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