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Tabitha - Witch

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Tabitha Rey
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Martha Rey - mother

Timothy Rey - father

  • Baba - nanny/mentor
Status Alive
Eye Color Electric Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'3
Affiliation Paranormal Investigation Bureau
Weapons Her amulet
Class Witch
Home New York City


Tabitha is quiet, careful, and usually suspicious of everyone she meets. If she likes or knows you well, she's more friendly and amusing, but if she doesn't like you, she's cold and fierce.


Tabitha was born to two very weathly parents. Her parents were always busy traveling and what not, so they hired a Haitian nanny to care for Tabitha. The Haitian nanny, who Tabitha called Baba, taught her about the paranormal, always saying Tabitha was special. Tabitha soon become obsessed with the paranormal. At the age of 5, after having taught her everything about the supernatural, Baba begun teaching Tabitha witchcraft. But, when Tabitha turned 9, her parents returned home and fired Baba, believeing that she was teaching Tabitha the ways of Satan. Before she left, Baba gave Tabitha her favorite amulet and told her to always wear it. After Baba left, Tabitha's parents noticed that Tabitha was different. If she was angry and she touched you, a shock would go through you, if she touched metal, she jumped, saying it shocked her, tatoos appeared on her face, and her sky blue eyes changed into an electric blue. At the age of 17, her parents believed Tabitha was cursed. They were planning on taking her to the local chruch to have her exorcised, but she ran away before they could take her. A few days later, Tabitha found Baba, who continued to teach Tabitha witchcraft until she was recruited by the PIB at the age of 19.


Tabitha is 5'3 with long, pale blonde hair and electric blue eyes. She also has tatoos on her face that are shaped like claw marks. Tabitha is short, but thin and lean. She usually wears a cape.


Tabitha's amulet


  • Her unqiue power is controling electricity
  • Can cast spells
  • Can brew potions
  • Has an innate ability to track and find the paranormal.